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What Makes Each Pet a One-and-Only?

What Makes Each Pet a One-and-Only?

Your dog or cat, your one true love, is unlike any other pet out there. What makes your pet a one-and-only? Here are five reasons why there’s no pet like your pet:

Quirky Like No Other

You know your pet. With a glance, you can tell whether she’s begging for a treat, needs a walk, or just wants a little chin scratch. You know your cat loves her pate warmed up before breakfast. You know your dog prefers his water dish with a few ice cubes. You know when a thunderstorm is about to start, white noise and a little CBD oil does the trick to calm your nervous furball. Whatever the specific quirk of your pet, you know it inside-out. No one else can #dogmom or #catmom like  you because no one else knows your little love like you do.

The You Factor

Just like you know your pet’s quirks, your pet knows the real you. Your pet is probably the only one who’s seen you dance around your apartment singing “I Don’t Care” at midnight. He knows Hallmark movies make you cry… and let’s you dry your tears on his fluffy ears. She greets you at the door every day after work and instantly cheers you up, no matter how good or bad your day was. Your pet never judges you for eating ramen for the third night in a row. Your pet is the one-and-only bestie who sees you day in and day out at your best and worst, and loves you regardless. #TBH according to your pet? You. are. the. best.

Your Bond

Picture this: Your dog’s romping through the dog park having a blast. You’re catching up with the other dog moms and out of the corner of your eye, you see your sweet pup whip her head around and make eye contact with you for a second before bounding off to play with her buds. That’s your bond in action. Or you’ve been putting in long, stressful hours at your keyboard, and instead of holding it against you, your cat curls up on your lap to still get that QT while you get your work done. You and your pet have a bond unlike any other. It goes beyond simple habits and routines; you just get each other. There may be other dogs or cats you love, but the bond with your pet is a once-in-a-lifetime.

Unconditional Love

This one’s easy: love, love, love. No matter how many great people you have in your life, your pet is the only creature on the planet who will love you, like you, and want to spend time with you no matter what. Even your own mom doesn’t want to spend every second of every day with you. Your pet does. Your bestie may have other friends she likes to chill with on the weekends, but your pet only wants to hang out with you. You might feel tired, grouchy, stressed, or blue, and your pet still won’t get tired of being around you--and chances are, your pet will help turn that frown around.

Perfectly Imperfect Together

This is one relationship that isn’t affected by imperfections. Your pet doesn’t care about your budget or your promotion or your bad hair day. She forgives you if you oversleep or get home late, and you always forgive her for chewing the leg of your couch. Life isn’t perfect. Neither are you. Neither is your pet (though she’s pretty darn close). But you two are perfectly imperfect together.

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