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The 9 Happiest Dogs on Instagram!

The 9 Happiest Dogs on Instagram!

The internet sometimes feels like a dismal place… until you open Instagram and scroll through hundreds of adorable dogs!

Instagram dogs are the antidote to the trolls and negativity and compare-a-thoning that goes on online. At any time, you can open the app and be greeted by the wagging tails of dogs you wish you knew IRL but feel like you’re besties with anyway.

Follow these, some of the happiest dogs on the internet, to get a daily dose of awwww! Warning: You will fall into a scroll hole.

The Dogist

If anything can be considered a classic on Insta, it’s The Dogist. An IG OG, this account features stunning photography that captures the personality of each dog featured. If you only wanna scroll one account, this is it.

Maggie Loves Orbit

Who can resist a smooshy Boston face? Plus, the captions are hilarious. Like, this one is an entire mood. Bonus: The two pups attend “pack walks” regularly, so you can see how gobs of adorable Insta-famous dogs play together.

Dex the Staffy

Legit ear-to-ear smiles (seriously) paired with inspiring quotes, this account is sure to spark joy in your feed.

Coop and Capo

Cooper and Capo--and an entourage of buddies--live life to the fullest. Adventures galore for these Aussies and their parents. Don’t miss their Training Stories highlight to see some awesome heel work.

Pavlov the Corgi

He’s a Corgi. Need we say more? ;)

Aspen the Mountain Pup

Stunning scenery? Check! A gorgeous Golden? Check! Picture-perfect photography? Check! Adventure inspo? Check! Yep, this account checks all the boxes.

Tonkey Bear

Close-up pics of a wrinkly, smooshy nose? Yes, please! This unique-looking pup is actually a breed called a Bear Coat Shar Pei (new to us, too!). This guy epitomizes #treatsandsnoozin.

Norbert the Dog

This insanely-adorable pipsqueak legit weighs three. Three pounds. He’s small but mighty, working at a children’s hospital as a therapy dog. He’s an author and a philanthropist, too, just in case you were feeling like YOU got a lot done today! If nothing else, watch his Tushy Story highlight. Small, fluffy dog bum FTW.

Boop My Nose

We saved the best for last. A 2018 IG of the Year Finalist, this account delivers a daily boop--a close-up dog snoot ready for the double tap. You can’t scroll this account without smiling. These are definitely the happiest dogs on the internet!

After you’ve followed these accounts, get an extra shot of dog by following or scrolling these popular hashtags:









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