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One in a Million - How Dog Personalities Differ

One in a Million - How Dog Personalities Differ

Your dog is as unique as a snowflake. No other dog is like her. You know her different barks and the funny way she turns her head when she hears a dog on TV. You know the quirky way she eats her treats and exactly how she’ll greet you when you get home from work. You know she goes bananas for a banana but won’t touch a tomato. You know just how she likes to be tucked in at night and her special first-thing-in-the-morning wag.

Your dog is one in a million.

In fact, all dogs are. Like snowflakes and people, no two are alike! How do dog personalities differ? Let us count the ways…


Laid-back cool? High-strung whirlwind? Something in between? Some dogs just rock a natural chill while others seem to be permanently on high alert. While some of those differences can be attributed to breed or age, many are just unique parts of your dog’s unique character. Embrace it, flaws and all!


Is your dog a trick-training master? Or did he take a year to learn how to sit? All dogs can learn, but just like among people, there are dozens of different learning styles and aptitudes. Some dogs simply acquire new information faster than others, and that’s A-OK! 


No matter what you choose to feed your dog, she’s got her own set of tastes. Your pup might gobble up raw carrot sticks but eschew a crispy slice of bacon. Or, perhaps your dog scarfs her kibble but refuses store-bought treats. Whatever the case, all dogs have unique eating personalities! It goes beyond taste preferences, too. Some dogs will eat and eat and eat, oftentimes until they throw up (and then many go back to it if given the chance). Others will skip meals for days at a time or take tiny nibbles here and there. No two dogs eat alike!


Couch potato or marathoner? Neighborhood strolls or mountain climbs? Some dogs’ personalities come hardwired with a preferred activity level simply because it was how they were bred--think about Border collies versus Basset hounds. However, even within those dog breeds there’s a ton of variation. All dogs need exercise, of course, so getting to know your dog’s unique personality will help you find the activity that’s right for him.


Dogs are quirky. All dogs have their own individual peccadillos, and your dog’s are totally unique to her! Whether it’s barking at a dog on TV or running to greet the UPS guy every afternoon, whether it’s greeting every new person like a long-lost bestie or tilting her head to watch the other dogs play at the park, your dog’s quirks are all her own. The best part is, your quirks are all your own, too, and your dog loves you for them as much as you love her for hers!


Some dogs are bred to flush out small animals while others are bred to run long distances. Most pet dogs these days are simply happy to Netflix and chill or go for neighborhood walks. Sometimes your couch potato might surprise you with what might be an evolved instinct--your normally relaxed mixed-breed puppy suddenly chases a bird or herds your kids--but mostly her instinctive behaviors are driven by who she is and her unique character.

Everything about your pup is unique to her and to your relationship. Some of her personality might be breed, some might be environment or conditioning, but most of it is just who she is as a dog!


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